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Used Books

There are few joys for authors greater than holding their own book in their hands for the first time. Sometimes, that initial feeling is interrupted by the discovery of a typo or other error that is suddenly glaring back at you. With Clairmont Publishing Services, we provide a minimum of three-month follow-up service to ensure that any issues you discover with your final product are corrected so future copies of your book are improved.

You will always have the opportunity to review and sign off on your final work, and you make the final call on any changes.

Unfortunately, this won't change the copies that are already in print, and that's why we suggest you consider one of our editing services when placing your order.

Books On Shelf


Getting your story from told to sold

Finally, Clairmont Publishing Services prides itself most on helping authors reach their publishing goals. Once you have a final work in print you are free to market and promote it as you like, and we have a package that can help.

Our Promotional Material package includes posters, postcards, and bookmarks - everything you need to kickstart your book launch event! All of these items are produced with the same care and effort as your final work.

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